Jeans waist band sewing machine


MHA-E100 is equipped with 2 needle lock stitch sewing head designed specializing in sewing jeans waist band.
Its cylinder arm gives operator an outstanding handling efficiency on sewing either from the front or the reverse side of jeans.

  • Stitch width can be changed simply by replacing only Needle Plate, Feed Dog and Pressure Foot. Needle clamp is adjustable.
  • Non-Stitch Feeding System works simply;
    1) Press the foot pedal back to hold the needle bar.
    2) Then press forward to feed the fabric without stitching.
  • While waist band is fed by Feed Dog and Puller,
    Our system allows pressure foot to stay down to keep pressing the fabric even during the Non-Stitch feeding,
    Thus ensuring to get creases in waist band for producing a constant excellent finishing quality with easiest
    operation in its following finishing process.
  • MHA-E100 Without waist band cutter
  • MHA-E100C With manual waist band cutter
  • MHA-E100AC With automatic waist band cutter
Waist band

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